Hello world!

The Intelligent Universe says “Hello World” and invites you to use this personal portal as your space to create a future aligned with your life purpose.

Joining The Intelligent Universe:
Meaning’s Search for Mankind

We stand at the pinnacle of evolution, allowing ourselves to receive the benefits of countless ages of emerging. Planet Earth has existed and been evolving for 4,540 million years. Human beings have been around for 200,000 years. We began learning how to read and write 8,000 years ago. And the Internet is less than 30 years old.

If one planet around one sun, in one galaxy can produce human beings, you, me, and the internet, in 4.54 billion years, what can 176 billion galaxies, each containing untold millions of suns and planets, produce in 13.8 billion years?

Something a little bit smarter than you, me and the internet!

What would you do if you were part of such an advanced civilization?

 Well, there is a better way, and here it is! Imagine that we are part of an intelligent and benevolent universe that is consciously seeking to assist us on our life journey.

How about building a Universal Meaning Making Machine? A Holographic Universal Open Source Field that assists all intelligent beings, throughout all space and time, to make meaning out of mystery. A way of making wise information available to all beings in a way that is independent of language or data formatting. A path of inquiry that guides participants to discover meaning for themselves. When we join the intelligent universe, we can discover meaning’s search for mankind.

Register here and begin to enjoy your journey of discovery!

Your Space to Create a Fulfilling Life!